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About Us

JD Williams Training provides motivating workforce development training  for employees of all organizations and industries on over 100 topics including leadership, communication, time management, and many additional topics!
For more than 25 years JD Williams has delivered more than 2500 workshops that have motivated, educated, and elevated over 150,000 employees in various fields and industries, including the federal, state and local government, the military, large and small corporations, and associations!
JD Williams and his team can motivate, educate, & elevate your workforce as well! 

About Our Team

JD Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Lead Trainer
Kimberly Williams
Chief Operations Officer
Justin Knox Pic.jpg
Rebecca Oakman Pic.jpg
Justin Knox
Development Director
Rebecca Oakman
Senior Account Manager
Carlton Reed
On-Site Trainer
Teisha-Shelby Houston
On-Site Trainer
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“The seminar was excellent, the delivery was great, it was easy to understand, and I noticed that my employees participated without being asked.  JD Was the best trainer I have ever heard or seen!”




J. Munoz, VP

“This was an interactive and high energy seminar.  Mr. Williams knows how to keep your attention and help you stay focused.  This training will help me in my everyday interactions with customers!”




A. Champion, Customer Service

“I really enjoyed this seminar.  JD helped me realize that I need to work on listening before speaking.  Very good!”





S. Bowen, Supervisor

“The training JD Williams provided was way over and beyond what I expected.  I have been in this business 14 years and I still learned a lot!”




K. Corbin, Manager

“Mr. Williams was wonderful, very understanding, and well indepth of his topic.  The training changed the way I look at myself before addressing my staff.”





C. Stevens, Manager

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Motivating, Educating, and Elevating Your Workforce!


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