Monday Message: Set Aggressive Goals!

As NASA prepares for their Pluto flyby, they remind us all that it is important to aim high in life with your goals. Years ago they stretched pass the limits of earth and into the stars, and have continued to stretch their limits. They always aim for greatness!

Your Monday Message: Set Aggressive Goals! "Be like NASA". Make sure your 2015 goals are aggressive, and make sure that they cause you to stretch beyond your limitations. If you need assistance setting your personal or professional goals, a JD Williams Personal Development coaching program can help. As a result of our coaching program you will:

  • Clearly define your overall goals

  • Determine your top priority goals

  • Develop a clear plan to achieve your goals

Contact us today for more details or scheduling.

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I am a personal development trainer and coach as well as the author of the  self-help books Supersize Your Success and Parables of Success.


As a trainer, I have presented over 2,500 employee productivity webinars and on-site workshops over 25 years to more than 250,000 employees in the US and abroad.


I have a wonderful wife and four children and I live in the Atlanta, GA area.


I will be glad to assist you or your organization with achieving your goals and objectives Review our services for more details and Contact Us to tell us about your objectives and needs.

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