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Thursday Thought: Renew Your Mind!

Your words create your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your actions, and your actions create your habits.

If you want to achieve what you have not achieved, you have to take actions that you have not taken. And to take actions that you have not taken you have to change the feelings that create them. And to change the feelings that create them, you have to renew your mind.

If bad habits like procrastination, doing too much busy work, and working without planning are slowing you down, here’s some wisdom. Use the RENEW acronym to renew your mind:

Realize your bad habits

Evaluate the poor thinking that created them

Notice the feelings your old thoughts produce

Erase the old thoughts from your mind, and

Write new thoughts on your mind to replace them

For assistance with this or any other personal productivity issues, contact us today!

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