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Tuesday Tip: Get Better Everyday!

Profound thoughts are often short and sweet. Serena Williams, possibly the greatest tennis player of all time, responded to questions about her success with a profound thought that was both short and sweet. Simply put she said, “Work on yourself until the day you die.” Wow! Only eight words, but powerful!

Those eight words mean alot to me because they remind me of an equally powerful mantra barked at me by my drill instructor everyday in Marine Corps boot camp. He yelled at us daily, “Men, better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today!” Chilling words!

Your Tuesday Tip: Get Better Everyday!

Certainly the suggestion to get better everyday is not a new revelation to you. It’s either a reminder of what you once practiced and need to resume, or a reinforcement of what you currently practice and need to continue. Either way, the suggestion to work on yourself daily is powerful because it will bring benefits to your life and career in many ways.

Benefits like increased productivity and self-esteem, a greater sense of excellence and effectiveness, a more powerful reputation and personal brand, greater opportunities for promotions in your career, or more achievements in your business.

Now these benefits may inspire you, but they will not be realized unless you are sure to practice the daily habits that will produce them. Habits like consistently reading job specific or general how-to information, listening to top business or motivational speakers, asking for and receiving feedback from colleagues or loved ones, and attending the training you need to improve your weaknesses. It’s the habit that produces the result.

So consider the tip that’s being suggested. Whether it’s being served to you by a legendary tennis player, or being barked at you by a menacing drill instructor, it’s message is the same.

“Work on yourself constantly, and get better everyday!”

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