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Monday Message: Pay Attention to Detail!

Why is Apple so successful? One possible reason, their attention to detail!

Apple is well known for the fact that they pay attention to the tiniest details in their products. These details might seem small and insignificant to some, but they create pleasurable user experiences for their customers and great dividends for Apple.

  • One simple example that was highlighted in a recent Reddit article is Apple's laptop feature that ensures that users don't mistakenly engage the caps lock key. This is a simple feature, but this single feature truly saves their customers lots of frustrations while typing.

  • Another example is their feature that allows a user to open their laptop with just one finger. Imagine how much easier this must make it for them to access and use their computer.

Your Monday Message: Pay attention to details today so that you can increase your productivity and maximize your effectiveness.

There are many details for you to pay attention to, but the most important one has to be your time! The legendary Benjamin Mays said it best when he said, "You only have a tiny little minute, only sixty seconds in it, forced upon you, can't refuse it, didn't seek it, didn't choose it, but it's up to you to use it, you will suffer if you lose it, and you must give an account if you abuse it. It's just a tiny tiny little minute, yet eternity is in it."

Pay attention to each of your tiny little minutes today, and like Apple, your attention to detail will create great success for you today and great dividends for you tomorrow.

For assistance with this and other personal productivity issues, contact us today!

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