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Thursday Thought: Create An Inspired Culture!

Your Thursday Thought: Create An Inspired Culture!

The great business guru Peter Drucker said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” In other words, creating a great culture of people is more important that creating a great collection of products, plans and processes. Why? Because having great products, plans, and processes is worthless if you don't have a culture of people that are motivated, educated, & elevated.

For example, you may have the greatest products in the world, but if your people are not passionate and motivated, they will not promote them. Or you may have clear and concise project plans, but if your people are not dedicated and engaged, they will not execute them. And finally, you may have a plethora of well developed processes, but if your people are not loyal and committed, they will not follow them.

So what’s your takeaway? It’s simple! Create great strategies! But make sure you devote as much time to developing the mindsets of your people as you do to developing the specifics of your strategies. Create an inspired culture!

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